Deboreah TetlowFrom an early age Deborah displayed an inherent talent for drawing and painting. Now an established artist she steadily continues to produce fine art of a high quality.

Deborah’s paintings are subtly detailed and convey an evocative realism. She is inspired by the unique beauty of the New Zealand landscape, especially the coast.

Deborah’s paintings explore the transforming qualities of light. Understated interactions of light, tone and colour are skilfully rendered through Deborah’s meticulous attention to brushwork, restrained use of colour, and the patient application of multiple transparent glazes. The combined effect of this luminous surface is a depth of perspective that draws the viewer’s eye into the picture plane and a luscious transparency to the water and its reflections.

In keeping with Deborah’s attention to detail, the best materials, traditional methods and museum quality canvas are used in order to create works of art of the highest quality.

Deborah exhibits widely. Details of paintings available are regularly updated on this site. Deborah is gaining increasing recognition for her paintings and her works are now in private collections throughout New Zealand and overseas.