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  • How do I get the paintings?
    I'm based in Auckland, New Zealand. You are welcome to pick up, but I also ship nationally and internationally. See Shipping and Returns for more info on pricing.
  • How long does a painting take?
    How long a painting takes to create varies considerably. A lot of thought and preparation goes into creating a painting, before paint even meets the canvas. Each individual painting takes 2-3 weeks, however, I often have several paintings on the go at a given time.
  • Do you do prints?
    Yes, coming soon! Please Contactme if you're interested.
  • Do you take commissions?
    Yes, please see Commissionsfor more info.
  • Do you do portraits?
    Yes. I have listed a few in the Commissions section. If you would like to be commission a portrait, please be in Contact.
  • Who is Mary Tetlow?
    Mary is my youngest daughter, who shares my passion for painting.
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